KS8E2 chimney cake oven

KS8E2 chimney cake oven

The KS8E2 chimney cake oven allows a low-cost entry in the chimney cake business

Classic design with two doors for 8 baking rolls   – 220-240V –

🔸 The fastest two-door chimney cake oven (single phase) for 8 baking rolls on the market!
🔸WORLD FIRST! With new developed thermostat! Only from us!

We focus on quality – our devices work with a high-precision temperature controller, without susceptible digital heating power controller
Our devices are powerful – without unnecessary intermediate plates! – Caution! Sugar dripping onto the intermediate plate is highly flammable!

!! Contrary to popular misinformation, you don’t need different temperatures for different roll sizes or flavors. All of our appliances allow you to bake all types and sizes of chimney cake without having to adjust the appliance each time.

⏰Baking times: 3-4 minutes

📈Capacity: about 90 pieces / hour





No loss of time due to the annoyance of moving the baking rolls (you save unnecessary work steps)


For this price you do not just buy a chimney cake oven, but quality only available from us!

The devices meet the EU guidelines for commercial kitchen appliance as well as all hygiene and safety regulations and the CE standard

With KS8E2 chimney cake oven you can quickly and easily make up to 8 crispy hot tree cakes at once

No loss of time due to the annoyance of moving the baking rolls (you save unnecessary work steps)

❓Do you want to see a chimney cake oven that really works?
8️ chimney cakes in less than 4️ minutes with perfect caramelization?
Yes, the two-door chimney cake oven from koplar® can do that!
We present you our new oven, the -KS8E2-
The quality prevails!


Many of our customers say that the traditional two-door chimney cake ovens are cheap and can be seen everywhere but working with the ovens is super exhausting. The baking rolls must be repositioning, so the doors have to be opened and closed all the time and after just a few pieces the performance decreases and the oven takes forever until the cakes are ready.
We want to show what happens when an oven really does what it promises.
Already after 1.5 minutes‼️ the chimney cakes will turn slightly brown.
It will not be long before you can get the 8 wonderful caramelized chimney cones take out.

🌟 The caramelization is impressive 🌟
‼️No another 230V two-door chimney cake oven bakes faster‼️

💡 For our future-oriented customers:
‼️The only two-door chimney cake oven for 8 baking rolls with 220-240V that is compatible with our rolling machine and electric dough cutter for chimney cake dough.
The KS8E2 like all two-door chimney cake ovens on the market, designed for indoor use.
💡The KS8E2 chimney cake oven is perfect for cafes☕️, ice cream parlors🍦, pastry shops🍩 and for shops in shopping centers.👜

With our chimney cake oven, you save energy by making money!
✅The repositioning the baking rolls is not necessary;
✅Short baking times;
✅Short preheating times;
✅Tempered safety glass (according to DIN EN 12150)
✅Provided with temperature regulator;
✅Overheating protection;
✅No loss of performance in continuous operation
✅Individually adjustable
✅Removable drip pan with heat-resistance plastic handle;
✅Height adjustable plastic feet
and more..
✅High quality components;
✅8 single motors specially developed for us;
✅Heating elements specially developed for us;
✅Only 28 cm wide;
✅Removable doors

KS8E2  chimney cake oven

Technical specifications
Artikelnumber: 82302
Voltage 220-240V
Power: 3350 W
Degree of protection IPX3
Sound pressure level < 70 dB(A)
Frequenz 50/60Hz
Width: 280 mm
Depth: 480 mm
Height: 520 mm
Weight: 27 kg
Material: Brushed stainless steel

2 Years warranty

The test phase is now finished🔚, and the ovens can be pre-ordered!
The set included:
✔️KS8E2 chimney cake oven
✔️16 wooden baking rolls (conical, traditional, or mixed according to your wishes)
✔️Rack for 16 baking rolls

Recommended accessories:
Dough cutter

Ring cutter

Rolling machine (patent pending)

chimney cake dough strip cutter(patent pending)

We have the traditional conical baking rolls made of wood / beech, stainless steel baking rollers and the stainless steel Teflon baking rollers only available from us

If you need even more power, we recommend our KP9E or KP10E Baumstriezel ovens, which are also suitable for large events and christmas markets.

We recommend our premium chimney cake baking mixes

Our chimney cake baking mix is ​​made from pure natural ingredients and high-quality raw materials according to a recipe from the Seklerland.
Only water, oil and yeast are mixed in for production.