Koplar`s chimney cake

Koplar® chimney cake offers you the most modern and reliable chimney cake ovens and accessories on the current chimney cake production market.

PROFESSIONALS NEED PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT  -This also applies to the gastronomy

Making a chimney cake is actually easy – and yet the proverbial “devil” lies in the detail and the refinement of the craft.

Our now 15-year-old company is a family business that has specialized in the development and manufacture of chimney cake appliances. We have worked hard for many years and made hundreds of thousands of chimney cakes the traditional way.
Today we do it differently.Benefit from our 15 years of experience.



Revolutionize your chimney cake with Koplar® chimney cake! 

Our new grill we are expanding our professional range of Kürtöskalács devices.
The unique rolling machine and the chimney cake dough strip cutter make the work even easier for you.

Also when dough rolling and cutting highest efficiency!
Koplar® chimney cake baking system  – An amazing investment in the future –

Get it all from one source!

We are here for you.
Advice is only useful if it is honest and comprehensive.
We want you to find the right equipment for your business.
We will be happy to advise you, without obligation, which chimney cake oven should be used best for you and we are available to answer your questions in the future. Our customers not only receive an oven, they also receive comprehensive training.
From the manufacture to product presentation and sale of kurtoskalacs.
– Koplar® chimney cake –


Suitable for continuous operation

It goes without saying that the  appliances meet the EU guidelines for large kitchen appliances, all hygienic and safety regulations and the CE standard. The satisfaction of our customers is proof of this: Koplar® Kurtoskalacs (Baumstriezel or Chimney Cake) ovens also stand up to a long-term operation , 12-14 hours or more a day.

With Koplar® chimney cake you are on the safe side.

The heating elements are placed on the side of the appliance so that the sugar does not drip onto the heating elements, which could lead to fire and burning.

Removable drip pan with heat-resistant handle for crumbs and sugar not only offers great advantages when cleaning, but also in terms of safety.
Due to the slight upturn on the edge of collection tub, sugar and oil residues are safely collected.


CHIMNEY CONES, the filled chimney cake

Chimney cake cones

You are looking for even more enjoyment within the chimney cake?
With our special, conically shaped baking rolls you can
bake chimney cones, so you get the shape of an ice cream cone.
What you can fill it with is subject to your creativity, everything that tastes, whether sweet or even salty. Let your imagination run wild.
It could be with soft ice cream – with fresh fruit – with Nutella – with apple sauce – with spices – with dried herbs – with cheese – with avocado cream – with scampi …be filled.
Packed up, you can take it with you and nibble on the go.