Stripcutter for chimney cake

Stripcutter for chimney cake

Revolutionize your chimney cake business with our strip cutter for chimney cake dough

Great help with a lot of power!

Also when dough rolling and cutting highest efficiency!

Over 2.000 dough strips / hour possible*


Only available from us in direct sales!


No more roll-out and cutting by hand necessary





So it’s easy!

  • Flour the dough
  • Fill it into the dough slide
  • the dough is evenly cut into strips at the touch of a button
  • The finished dough strips are like handmade 🙂


The engine is stopped. The red signal lamp switches off and the rollers are stopped. After touching the emergency stop button is blocked and must be put back by pulling it into its original position again. In an emergency, press the EMERGENCY STOP button. This means that the device is put into a safe state in the event of a risk. The engine is switched off. The signal lamp goes out and the dough and cutter rollers are stopped.  After pressing the EMERGENCY STOP button is blocked and must be reset to its original position by pulling it out.

To avoid accidents, the device can only be switched on when the protective cover is in place.
The safety switch on the right side of the front wall of the device must be in contact with the transparent protective cover.
The device without the protective unit cannot be started for safety reasons (to avoid injuries) so that your hands do not accidentally get into the device and are squeezed by the rollers. We protect you and your staff.

With our strip cutter for chimney cake dough, the dough can be cut into 6 strips in no time.
It is at your side, needs little space, is very productive and arouses curiosity among your customers.
With our chimney cake strip cutter

  • save physical effort (relief for your shoulder and arms)
  • save work steps and thus have more time for your customers
  • they increase their productivity

Declaration of conformity

Products marked with this symbol comply with all applicable Community regulations of the European Economic Area

The device corresponds to EC Regulation 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. All components that are in contact with processed food are produced from materials that correspond to the respective regulations.


Technical data
Artikelnummer: 0251
Voltage: Available with  230V  and 110V
Power: 100 W
Degree of protection: IPX3
Sound pressure level < 70 dB(A)
Frequenz 50/60Hz
Width: 407 mm
Depth: 295 mm
Height: 628 mm
Weight: 37 kg
Material: Case: brushed stainless steel

Rollers: POMC

Protection unit: Acrylglas pane

Products marked with this symbol comply with all applicable Community regulations of the European Economic Area.

2 years warranty

Recommended accessories:

Ring cutter

Rolling machine (patent pending)

We have the traditional conical baking rolls made of wood / beech, stainless steel baking rollers and the stainless steel Teflon baking rollers only available from us

We also offer business specials that are very suitable for big events or ice cream concepts.

We recommend our premium chimney cake baking mixes

Our chimney cake baking mix is ​​made from pure natural ingredients and high-quality raw materials according to a recipe from the Seklerland.
Only water, oil and yeast are mixed in for production.