Organic Kurtoskalacs baking mix

Organic Kurtoskalacs baking mix

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Balanced taste for perfect kürtőskalács

Only available in 12,5 kg of packages!

Our kurtoskalacs baking mix is made from a recipe from Seklerland using only high quality raw materials. Since flour quality and baking results vary widely depending on season and provenance, we recommend using our Kurtoskalacs baking mixes. Thus consistent quality is assured and is always a special treat. The unique flour quality ensures a long-lasting flexibility and excellent consistency of the dough. Only oil, water and yeast are added. 12,5 Kg KOPLAR Kurtoskalacs baking mix enough for about 130 pieces kürtőskalács (depending on size) and about 260 pcs. conical kürtőskalács.

  • Without needing to add egg, ensures hygiene
  • Without fat powder
  • Very good consistency
  • Always consistent quality
  • Long shelf life and easy to store

Art-Nr.: 88-11910