Tray for 12 chimney cake baking rolls

Tray for 12 chimney cake baking rolls

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Tray for 12 chimney cake baking rolls is a great help for the dough is rising and when storing the baking rolls

Due to the slight upturn on the edge of drip pan, sugar and oil residues are safely collected

Our trays meet the EU guidelines , all hygiene and safety regulations as well as the CE standard for commercial kitchen appliances


  • High quality processed material
  • Durable, does not deform
  • Rotatable, can be used from both sides
  • Robust
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy transport


Stainless steel is a durable material. It does not absorb any smells or tastes and can be cleaned easily and without leaving any residue. These properties make it particularly suitable for food processing.

Technical specifications

Item number: 2012

Width: 290 mm

Depth: 280 mm

Height: 530 mm

Weight: 3400 g

Material: brushed stainless steel

Recommended accessories:
Dough cutter

Ring cutter

Rolling machine (patent pending)

chimney cake dough strip cutter(patent pending)

We have the traditional conical baking rolls made of wood / beech, stainless steel baking rollers and the stainless steel Teflon baking rollers only available from us

We recommend our premium chimney cake baking mixes

Our chimney cake baking mix is ​​made from pure natural ingredients and high-quality raw materials according to a recipe from the Seklerland.
Only water, oil and yeast are mixed in for production.

Art-Nr.: 10-201