Kürtőskalács electric oven with 230V

Kürtőskalács electric oven with 230V

New! KP6E Kürtőskalács oven with  230v


  • Baking time: 3-4 minutes
  • Capacity:  about 90 pcs / hour 

We focus on quality – our devices work with a high-precision temperature controller, without susceptible digital heating power controllers
Our devices are powerful – without unnecessary intermediate plates! – Sugar dripping onto the intermediate plate is highly flammable!

!! Contrary to popular misinformation, you don’t need different temperatures for different roll sizes or flavors. All of our appliances allow you to bake all types and sizes of chimney cake without having to adjust the appliance each time.

Striking design with one door


Easy to use

It is not necessary to reposition the baking rollers during baking!

Space-saving -only 25 cm wide

It is not necessary to reposition the baking rollers during baking!

Highest productivity with 230V

The KP6E kürtőskalács oven, is ready in 2 minutes, user-friendly and maintenance-free have a long service life.

The heating in the oven is individually and stepless adjustable, with a precise and high-quality control, so that the different temperatures can be adjusted exactly. Different settings can be made for different products, and depending on the amount of what is to be baked, so the device consumes only as much power what is necessary, or perfect baking results for all products, without loss of power and without heat loss in continuous operation, even electricity save possible

Our kürtőskalács  devices are completely made of stainless steel.

Main features:

  • Drip pan
  • Adjustable plastic feet
  •  Overheating protection
  • High quality components

Kürtőskalács oven 230V including:

  • Training
  • 12  baking rolls
  • 1 rack for 12 baking rolls
  • Our ovens work best with our system. The different costs have to be financed, that is only possible with sufficient productivity, the main business hours can concentrate on few hours, and in these few hours as many customers as possible must be served.

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We have the traditional wooden baking rolls or made of stainless-steel or Teflon